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The world is full of talented people who do wondrous things! People who make beautiful visuals and graphics, people who create beautiful pieces of art, people who write and play harmonious music, people who know how to work your muscles and take away all of your tension, people who can inspire you with their words... The human race is filled with people who constantly amaze us with their work. Yet, many of these people find it hard to get gainful employment simply because they are disabled. This Tuesday, you can reach them with just a click! Hire talented disabled professionals for your organisation!

Meet Abdul Shukoor K M, a talented disabled graphic designer who can now find work thanks to the newly launched Atypical Advantage that is putting disabled people at the forefront and helping them showcase their talents and products.

Atypical Advantage has amazing talent spread across various categories like graphic designers, models, massage therapists. You can hire Abdul and other amazingly gifted disabled people from Atypical Advantage’s various categories and experience their talent and creativity!

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