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People often say that in this Twenty first century, students despise discipline, moral values and participation in social causes. But I strongly believe it all matters how they are being served to them. If good things are served in a good platter, they will be enjoyed by the children heartily. Pratyana inculcated those values in children which parents and society strive hard to give to their kids but that too generously. My memories of my first day at Pratyan are still fresh. I hesitated and could barely call out my name. "Nidhi Jha", I said to the person I was introduced to. He was Praneet Sir. His calm and serene personality made me realize that teachers could be soamiable and understanding. My conceptions about teachers being harsh and rude faded away when I talked to him. I started taking my lessons at Pratyan and soon got familiar with their working and activities. Bal Sabha is a platform where all the students are asked to express their hidden talents. Apart from teaching academic lessons, I took part in various cultural activities like dance, drama and special day celebrations. I love to be a part of debates and declamations. Soon I became one of the good debaters at Pratyan. Years passed by and I showed good academic response. My parents felt elated to see me growing each day. I too felt that I am grooming each passing day. My skills at organising the events and my understanding at handling the situations were at hands on experiences.

Dreams do come true: A story of Nidhi Jha
By Praneet Sushil