#GivingTuesdayIndia | My Giving for #MyBetterBharat | a #DaanUtsav celebration

Help Digitally Deprived Students and Women to Continue their Education in And after COVID-19.

Dharma Bharati Mission is a Mumbai-based non-profit NGO that aims to help the underprivileged women and children in slum areas by providing them with the education that is a stepping stone to a better life. They are constantly working with our team to provide them, online classes, through smartphones and free internet packs and they don’t want to stop here because of low funds. They will need 200-250 phones quarterly. The maximum cost will be a 6,000/-per phone.

Help missing children get reunited with their families!

Have you wondered what causes young kids to hang around at railway stations? There are many children across India who run away from home for trivial reasons. Several children who are abandoned by their guardians and several go missing mysteriously. These children feel totally helpless when they come face to face with the overwhelming railway network. This Tuesday let your random act of kindness help reunite these railway children with their families.

Spread kindness among the less fortunate and put a smile on their faces!

This week Rohit Thukral reminisces with us about his #MyGivingStory as a young child during Diwali.
Rohit firmly believes that happiness lies in helping the people around us and not in the pursuit of money. He is deeply saddened in the misconception that many people hold - more money equals more happiness. He hopes that his story can help spark something in all of us to be a little more compassionate and spread kindness.

Your purchase will help underprivileged patients with life-saving medical care!

This Diwali spread happiness and support underprivileged patients and their families.

GuideStar India Transparency Key certified NGO Janshakti Chetna Foundation has beautifully and lovingly crafted diyas and copper bottles for sale. All proceeds will go to helping underprivileged patients and their families fight the evil plaguing them and give them a chance at survival.

Say #MaineDiya and support these patients by purchasing their products.


Diwali is a festival of light and joy and receiving and giving gifts!

The specially-abled angelic children of GuideStar India Transparency Key Certified NGO Amba Angels Center for Specially Abled are looking at you to light up their lives and give them the gift of your support. Buy the loving handpainted and packaged diyas made by these angels and give them joy this Diwali.

Say #MaineDiya and support the less privileged on Diwali and vanquish the evils of poverty!



8 Days to go for Oct 5, 2021 the annual celebration of #GivingTuesdayIndia during #DaanUtsav. Start now with daily acts of generosity... Guide your helpers and their family members to get vaccinated. | Provide groceries to needy families. | Support the education of children of COVID affected families. | Volunteer with an NGO. | Help people with disabilities find jobs and opportunities thru https://atypicaladvantage.in/ | Teach a helper’s child daily via WhatsApp. | Take up a household chore. Make a fun selfie, get friends to like and donate Rs 10 per like for a cause of your choice. | Donate toys to underpriviledged children. | Offer to teach a skill to friends via a video call - you could teach guitar, dancing, cooking, etc. Collect a fee to donate for COVID19 affected. | Gift masks and sanitisers to helpers! | Read a kindness story to children. | Feed stray animals. | Show elderly persons how to use video calling apps. | Thank 5 people who helped you. | 8 Days to go for Oct 5, 2021 the annual celebration of #GivingTuesdayIndia during #DaanUtsav. Gift a book to someone. | Send thank you notes to doctors and caregivers. | Make a call to a lonely friend/ relative and share a good memory. | Lend your ear - call a colleague and ask how they are finding the change in routine. | Serve tea and snacks to helpers. | Cook a meal or do a chore for a neighbour who needs help. | Give a day off to your domestic help. | Write a letter by hand to someone who’s made a difference in your life. | Donate menstrual cups to women in need. | Discover the joy of learning from and with the disabled! | Plant a tree or scatter seeds in the open. | Post something positive on Social Media. | Call your mentor to say "Thank you"! | Save water by making one change in your daily routine. | 8 Days to go for Oct 5, 2021 the annual celebration of #GivingTuesdayIndia during #DaanUtsav. Give away a few masks and sanitisers from your stock to those who need them the most: security guards, housekeeping staff and other helpers. | Sponsor a bicycle for a young girl so she can continue schooling! Yes, as teens are forced to work to help their families they need to save time on commute when they get back to school. | Offer to buy vegetables and fruits for neighbours who are unable to leave their homes. | Choose not to complain about anything for an entire day. You are like to find solutions! | Make eco-friendly Rakhis and give the needy to make their Rakshabandhan memorable! | Spend an hour listening to their life-story from an elderly person. | Give water or a snack to a cab/ bus/ rickshaw driver. | Gift a stationery kit for kids of your security guard. | Send three cheerful postcards to people who won't be expecting it! | Take public transport on your next trip and donate the saved money. | This Rakshabandhan buy rakhis made by children with special needs! | Your used smartphone/ tablet can make a world of difference to a child's education! | Teach online tools/ apps to your colleagues, ask them for a donation to a COVID-19 relief effort. | Let the person standing behind you, get ahead in the queue. | Make an art work that you can auction among friends to support a family for essentials. | 8 Days to go for Oct 5, 2021 the annual celebration of #GivingTuesdayIndia during #DaanUtsav. Delight someone you love, or even a stranger, with flowers for no reason! | Spread the word about one of your favourite causes. | Start or join a "friend-raiser" for an urgent need! | Join hands with the youth for a safer and greener planet! | De-clutter, sell unused items and donate the proceeds! | Say "thank you" to the driver whenever you take a ride and engage in a conversation to cheer them up! | Make a pot of tea for night guards taking care of your home or office. | Let’s plant kindness for our children and the planet! | Participate guilt-free in webinars by giving back for a cause! | Make sandwiches with your family and distribute it to the homeless! | Volunteer to teach English for one hour every week from wherever you are, in India or overseas. | Make a phone call to an elderly person or an old age home to check how they are managing their daily needs. | Reach out to a friend in need of cheering up! | Make a Gratitude Jar and fill it with notes about things you are grateful for! | 8 Days to go for Oct 5, 2021 the annual celebration of #GivingTuesdayIndia during #DaanUtsav. Reuse packing cases and cartons to make nice gift boxes for the needy! | Make a video of your act of giving and share to inspire others! | This Ganesh Chaturthi, buy artworks made by persons with disabilities! | Buy recycled products! | Make a list of loyalty points you can give up for a cause! | Support a street vendor with you purchases! | Help a person carry bags at the supermarket/ station/ airport. | Give your seat to an elderly/disabled person in a public transport. | Your used smartphone/tablet can make a world of difference to a child's education! | Help housekeeping staff collect or segregate waste for an hour. | Set up a video contest with five friends/colleagues for making Sandwiches that they can give their building staff. | Ask five women in your family or office about places that make them feel unsafe. Make atleast one place safer for each! | Go to lunch with your office/ home support staff and learn their life story. (Follow COVID appropriate safety protocols.) | 8 Days to go for Oct 5, 2021 the annual celebration of #GivingTuesdayIndia during #DaanUtsav. Make your #MyTuesdayPromise! Decide to save some money Today and Every Tuesday to give to your favourite cause. | Ride to spend time at a children's home. Practice COVID safety protocols. | Learn to express 8 words using sign language. | Give your old (but not ancient) computer equipment to a community centre when you upgrade! | Donate to trusted charities for providing food and hygiene supplies to the needy! | Pledge to donate blood! | Travel virtually to learn about different cultures in our country.

NGOs are across India, serving causes such as COVID relief, education, healthcare, livelihoods, environment, animal welfare & disability. NGOs are vetted by GuideStar India. Look for GuideStar India Platinum, Gold & Silver Seals.

25 million+

GivingTuesday India reached over 25 million people. We encourage people to make generosity a part of their daily lives. A random act of kindness #EveryTuesday and sharing #MyGivingStory are ways for each one to spread the giving culture.

1.7 million+

Over 1.7 million people engaged in acts of giving thru campaigns and messages, since India joined the global movement in 2017. Get your every act of giving counted using #GivingTuesdayIndia in all your social media posts.

185 million+

Millions of everyday givers make donations that add up to create a big impact. This number is the funds raised through campaigns using #GivingTuesdayIndia, since launch in 2017. Actuals would be higher as all do not report numbers.

In-kind Gifts Collected

It’s hard to measure and report one single number across the various gifts people give, collect and distribute. We will aggregate and share whatever is reported by campaign organisers and NGOs.


We request all campaign organisers to share their feedback about lives impacted so that we can try to understand the impact of our collective efforts to spread generosity.

Donate to a Cause close to your heart

Ration and hygiene kits for needy population

Donate to Shiksha to help us in our mission to provide free education for underprivileged children and youth in Delhi-NCR!
During the COVID 19 pandemic, we have continued to provide nutritional support to families, and have switched to a completely online mode of classes and training.

Donate to high need Causes

Prevention of Violence against Women & Children
SNEHA (Society for Nutrition, Education and Health Action)  
Help us raise 50 million points to make a difference.
‘Points for People’ empowers individuals like you to donate your ‘Loyalty Points...
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Hire people with disabilities to harness the Atypical Advantage
Hire people with disabilities to harness the Atypical Advantage
The world is full of talented people who do wondrous things! People who make beautiful visuals and...
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Join Employ-a-thon
Let’s get the skilled Persons with Disabilities, the opportunities they deserve.
Join Atypical Advantage and GuideStar India as we introduce a mission to ensure Employment for...
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Donate to GuideStar India Certified NGOs

Gold Certified
Helping The Migrant Labourers Of India Survive Through COVID-19
Helping The Migrant Labourers Of India Survive Through COVID-19
COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on the lives of millions of migrant labourers and daily wage earners such as construction workers, daily labourers, auto...
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Campaign over
Gold Certified
Magic Bus COVID-19 Crisis Response
Magic Bus COVID-19 Crisis Response
We are running out of time to help our children and their communities in this crisis. Here's what you can help us do with your donation...
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Campaign over
Platinum Certified
Donate to support women in India’s informal economy struggling under...
Donate to support women in India’s informal economy struggling under the second wave of COVID-19
With the second wave of Covid-19 hitting us even harder, women in the informal economy are dealing with the biggest health crisis of their lifetime....
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Support for Visually Challenged families

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused devastation across the globe and with countries shutting their borders and quarantines, economies have taken a huge hit. This has just begun to unfold in India and the job losses are mounting, especially among the daily wage workers.
During this time of distress, this is your chance to remember and save the livelihood of 200+ visually challenged daily workers families affected by COVID through your timely donations.
This will help them acquire their basic living needs since many of them are without any job security or savings. The minimum cost needed to meet out the emergency needs of a single-family will be Rs.5000. It will meet their daily living basic needs like food, rent, medicine. We will deposit the relief fund to the beneficiary's bank account which has been collected from our donors like you.

So far we have supported 200+ families. Till there are many more families are in emergency need. Please do support in lending hands to many such families.
Come on! Let's join hands & contribute to those hardly affected by pandemic.


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Empowering the Community through Education
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Nominated NGO: Empowering the Community through Education

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- Make your #MyTuesdayPromise! Decide to save some money Today and Every Tuesday to give to your favourite cause.
- Ride to spend time at a children's home. Practice COVID safety protocols.
- Learn to express 10 words using sign language.
- Give your old (but not ancient) computer equipment to a community centre when you upgrade!
- Donate to trusted charities for providing food...

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