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Rural Students skill Development Programme

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Need for the project :

How the students from rural background get discriminated?

Under Article 21 (A) of the Constitution of India states that Every child between the ages of 6 to 14 years has the right to free and compulsory education. By the constitution all the children got access to education but with an imbalance. Thus, accessibility without equality is a greater discrimination form of untouchability. There is an imbalance between rural and urban students in getting access to quality education regarding teaching, computer skills, English knowledge and communication skills. We are devoted to abolish this wider hidden imbalance in Education. With this in mind we would like to concentrate on improving the computer knowledge of government school students together with the support of you (kind donors).

In the current world all the people are adopting Computers which help the students to learn about the world and know what is happening in it. It helps them to aim for excellent jobs in the future and succeed in it. The computer has become a standard of education throughout the world. This makes computer education important.

For “RURAL STUDENTS COMPUTER LITERACY PROGRAMME - COMPUTER LAB FACILITY FOR GOVERNMENT SCHOOL”, the School which we adopted is a government middle school; where there are 121 children studying from the class range of 1st – 8th Grade. The students are basically from a very rural background and there is no chance for them to learn about computer system. If we teach them basic computer skill it will help them during their higher education.

Name of the school : Kundrathur Panchayath union government middle School 

Location : Karasangal village, Padappai, Kancheepuram district 

Target students : Classes from 6th to 8th grade

No. of student beneficiaries for 1 year : 45 students

Beneficiaries For 5 years : 225 students (Projected)

How was the need identified?
WEEDS functioning with 1400 women Self Help Groups (SHG) in the districts of kancheepuram,Thiruvallur, Chengalpet and Chennai suburb and generating societal, economical awareness and doing development activities among people. While serving, WEEDS identified this government school with lack of computer lab facility. Many of the students studying in this government school are belongs to our Self help group women’s children. During our field work we have found the children illiteracy about computer knowledge.

Solution/intervention proposed for this problem:
Through this 2 year project, a computer lab will be set up with 10 PCs and student of 6th to 8th class will be given basic computer skill training. The Computer skill training will be conducted in both theoretical & Practical method.

Further, WEEDS will maintain the computer lab and also will support the facilitator/Trainer by giving honorarium for every month (for 2 year). Through this Programme we projected 225 students will be benefitted in the next 5 years. The fund will be utilized for the purchase of computers, required furniture (tables & chairs) , learners computer Book for students, 24 months Honorarium for facilitator/Trainer, and 2 years of Maintenance of lab.

Who are the beneficiaries for this project?
Students of Kundrathur Panchayath union government middle school – Karasangal village, Padappai- Kancheepuram district. Rural Students from 6th to 8th grade are the beneficiaries.

How are the beneficiaries identified?
Karasangal village is one of our SHG project areas. Most of the student’s parents are WEEDS active Self Help Group members and a Food organizer (Midday meal scheme) of the school is one of our SHG women & volunteer, through them we came to know that there is no computer lab available in "Kundrathur panchayath union government middle school".

Communities served by this project:  Scheduled castes & Other backward class communities.

Implementation plan:
For setting up the computer lab - Computers, Tables and chairs will be purchased. New Facilitator/Trainer will be given training about the programme by WEEDS. The facilitator/Trainer will teach the students of classes 6th – 8th Grade about basics of computer. The Students will learn basics of computer with PC's as practical method. Both Practical & Theoretical method to be used to teach students. The syllabus will be adopted for 6th to 8th students. Along with other Subject examinations,computer test will be conducted in both theoretical & practical method.

Duration of the intervention:
The computer lab will be set up in a month from the date of receiving funds. The project will continue for five year period of time. After the 24 months ( 2 year) of the project period WEEDS will continue to support the facilitator/Trainer by giving the Honorarium and Maintenance of lab. So that the project Continues for 5 years.

Cost-breakup for the intervention:
Computer costs : 1 PC costs $ 242
10 PC * $ 241 Total = $ 2420 / Rs.1,80,000

Computer Table and chair costs : 1 set of Table & Chair costs $ 50
10 set of Table & Chair * $ 50 Total = $ 500 / Rs.37,250

Computer learners book cost : 1 Book cost $ 2.5
2 year 90 students * $ 2.5 Total = $ 225 / Rs.16,762

Honorarium for facilitator/Trainer : 1 month Honorarium $ 134.5
24 months * $136 Total = $ 3228 / Rs.2,40,000

Computer lab Maintenance & Project coordination cost for 2 years Total = $396 / Rs.29,502

Overall Budget for setting up a computer lab $ 6769 /  Rs.5,03,514

(The above budget is according with the date of project written & quotation received from the vendors ,maybe slight changes during the purchase of materials)

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Thursday, March 3, 2022 to Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Tamil Nadu
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