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Help 20 Persons with Autism to Perform their Occupation

This project intends to build an occupational therapy (OT) unit to provide therapy sessions to persons with autism at Ananda- The Group Home at Gurgaon,India. An equipped occupational therapy unit will help residents to perform their occupation independently which involves engagement in meaningful activities of living such as self-care, education, work, social interaction etc thus improving his or her quality of life.

Currently, non-availability of quality OT equipments are affecting the skill development of autistics which is necessary to be functional in social settings and work setting. Though we are providing OT sessions with some basic equipment but It is important that young adults at Ananda get interventions from a well-equipped therapy unit to reduce their difficulties and perform better.

Regular occupational therapy will help to improve the ability of persons with autism to process and filter sensory information. This will reduce the sensory overload and help them calm down and focus better. Which will ultimately result in the improvement in all skill areas like cognitive, fine motor, gross-motor, daily living skills, communication, social interaction etc.thereby increasing their self-esteem, self-confidence and independence.

We need Rs 300,000/- to build the Occupational Therapy Unit.

Please support us. Your support will help us create a better future for the persons with autism.

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29-Sep-2020 to 31-Dec-2021