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Aged Nutrition Care to Combat COVID 19 - #MyBetterBharat

In the country of “Vishwanath”, there are many “anath (orphans)” mothers, fathers and children and several orphanages to accommodate such senior citizens. But usually these orphanages are located in the cities where rural people do not have access; even if they have the access, the rural communities find it extremely difficult in adjusting in the urbanized system. Therefore there is huge demand for such support in rural India too. 


Many such senior citizens, without necessary care, suffer from various illness and diseases and many of them die in due course of time. They need a healthy and peaceful environment where they can spend time in spiritual and mental peace. It is in this context Janakalyan designed a program to support such senior citizens to provide with an “Aged Care Kit” worth Rs.2855 every month.

Programme Location
Start Date from:
19-Oct-2020 to 31-Dec-2023