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Education made it Possible - #MyBetterBharat

Ashok, a meritorious student in matriculation and intermediate, is son of Shanti Biswas, a refugee-farmer from Rehabilitation Colony of Sindhanur; He faced extreme difficulty in paying his admission fee for his computer education due to sever poverty. Being a refugee-child he did not get the benefits which are due to him belonging to “Namasudra” caste enjoyed in other States of India.

Ashok learnt that Janakalyan provides education support to such deserving and meritorious students and thus approached for possible support for his admission in computer education. Janakalyan continued its critical support throughout his education period by providing necessary learning materials and motivational supports along with fee while routine costs were born by his parents.

Today, Ashok is the breadwinner of his family and his parents are happily living with him; he earns more than Rs.8500 per month using his computer skill in a private firm which he says more than enough for his family maintenance. He and his parents express gratitude to Janakalyan for their timely support to be what he is today.


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Janakalyan works for socio-economic empowerment of the refugees rehabilitated in Karnataka and their children through unique and innovative interventions. These refugees belong to “Namasudra” community which is considered as SC in their place of origin but not in Karnataka, and therefore the refugee-children are deprived off their birthrights which their siblings/relatives enjoys in other Indian states. Therefore parents don’t admit their children in higher classes after passing out from village school. If we can motivate parents for admission with small support then they would take care of rest of the things. Our support is to instigate the action.

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19-Oct-2020 to 31-Dec-2023