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Poor hygiene is gateway to ill-health - #MyBetterBharat

Amaramma (26), a labor lives in Pagadadinni camp, an irrigated belt of Sindhanur; she does not have a toilet and area is full of paddy. She got anemia in her first pregnancy due to less intake of food as she could not attend natural calls during day-hours; difficult for old lady too. Scissor-in was unavoidable with a malnourished child birth; several episodes of diarrhea, malaria and finally lost child.

Janakalyan in collaboration with UNICEF promoting sanitation & hygiene practices; volunteers identified her as a critical beneficiary and helped to get a toilet constructed. Involved her in training programs to teach safe behavioral practices on hand washing, breast feeding, soak pit, water handling, excreta handling, food preparation, flushing toilet, etc. and provided hygiene kit for her family

Amaramma as well as her old mother-in-law happily lives in her hut but proud to show the toilets to anybody who comes to her house; she has conceived again and takes nutritious food as per the direction of ANM. She does regular check up and gets vaccination despite having difficulties at home as she has learnt the importance of hygiene, sanitation, nutrition and vaccination from Janakalyan.


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Washing hands at critical times and having toilets at home reduces health problems to a greater extent, is a proven fact today. Janakalyan has been into Behavioral Change Communication (BCC) and Total Sanitation Campaign (TSC) to improve hygiene & sanitation in rural areas in collaboration with UNICEF. It is learnt that the community, though accepts the importance of hand washing & toilet but unable to invest as their first preference is for food & clothes. Janakalyan has learnt from its experience that, if these materials are made available, the communities sincerely practice it as they are equally concerned about their health & hygiene, especially when it affects their children.  

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19-Oct-2020 to 31-Dec-2023