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A newborn girl saved off the railway tracks

The sex skewed ratio in India is no secret. With millions of girls being abandoned by their families due to a boy preference across families, a lot more action needs to be taken to protect girls.

A 10-15-day old baby girl was chanced upon at the Delhi Sarai Rohilla Railway Station. Unaware of her whereabouts, why and how she has been left there, she was taking into the care of the Government Railway Police (GRP).

Unable to trace any clue as to how the baby girl arrived at the railway station, the railway child protection network came together and took a decision to seek video surveillance footage, discovering that a woman carrying a baby had entered the station but had exited alone.

The mother’s whereabouts were traced, and it unfolded that the baby’s father was unaware of the happenings that transpired. Regret engulfed the mother as the consequences of her actions dawned on her and she spoke of the constant trauma she faced by the family for having produced 4 daughters.

The family was counselled, made aware of their actions and the baby was handed over to then with the promise that she would always be cared and protected for.

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We work not only with children, but also families, to equip and strengthen them in a way to better protect their children.

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