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Enabling children to develop resilience and wellbeing through positive mentoring.

Issues: Low learning process due to

  • Parents have not enough time spent for their child.
  • They do not go to school regularly as they help their parents with their work.
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of updated technology
  • To support their family from an early age, children go to work to earn money, which results in lack of knowledge.
  • Many children are found migrated and their families is on migrate on continue basis for their livelihood. Due to migration, Children do not get a good or even a basic education.
  • During our field visits we have noticed that primary school students are not able to do basic maths and cannot write properly even in mother language.
  • To indulge them within the main stream it is require to empower them with proper an education.
  • Students are weak in their studies from the basic things and this has caused the low pass out ratio during board exams.
  • It is observed in children that there is lack of hygiene habits.


LA is a children-centred and volunteer-based mentoring activities designed to assist to implement learning that supports guides and enriches the wellbeing and learning process of local children. It focuses on the wellbeing in academic, social and emotional needs of students through the powerful and positive contribution of mentors.

We have found the volunteers and started the LA classes on September 01, 2020. Currently we are running 5 LA classes in to the Bhakodar, Bherai, Kovaya, Jasvantgadh, and Mota Machiyada into the rural Amreli and we are planning to establish 5 more LA classes for the need base area.

We have implemented the methods that increase and develop the interest towards the education. With the help of various games, brainstorming activities, role play, and visuals our volunteers are educating the children. We are facilitating migrant families children so that they can join the main stream.


With the help of our LA class 112 children had improved their education as per their age and standard’s syllabus. Children and their parents are now taking interest for educational cause. Children have started to attend class regularly.  We want to facilitate them with better education and better infrastructure.

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