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One Act of Kindness to Give Hope to a Family

Dinesh Kumar, born and brought up in poverty, had to bear the added brunt of locomotor disability. Residing in the slums of Sunder Nagri, New Delhi, a family man with wife Anita and two children, Dinesh is struggling to make ends meet with the onset of the pandemic as his source of earning is significantly affected. His wife is also a locomotors’ disabled person and his daughter is visually-impaired. At home, Anita despite her limitations has the onerous task of taking care of the children, especially their daughter as she needs help with day-to-day chores owing to her disability.

The only breadwinner of the family, Dinesh works in an undergarment production unit but is hampered due to his locomotor's disability and wants to start a small-scale cloth business in his local market. The start-up requires an investment of about INR 60,000 including material cost, storage, and rent. He also wants to enroll his children in a good school and that adds to the monthly cost of INR 2000 as tuition fees and transportation charges.

Going through an unprecedented hardship, Dinesh is in dire need of support and financial assistance. When you donate INR 1000, you empower GLRA India to support Dinesh and his family.

Your humble act of compassion and kindness today will help Dinesh and his family to live a life of dignity with hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Let us pledge and make Dinesh ‘Saksham’ to fulfill his dreams.

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