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Fight Berozgaari!

Financial support to 50 youth from low income urban communities. For a 2 month course a nominal fee of Rs 800/- is to be paid by the beneficiaries to get trained and placed in the organised sector. There are 50 youth whose families lost their regular sources of income due to the pandemic and are facing difficulty to pay their fee. Your contribution will help them in getting skilled and placed in the organised sectors. Be part of their journey in becoming employed in growth-oriented jobs.

Have fun participating in exciting games while you help raise Rs 40,000/- (Rs 800*50) to help 50 young people move out of the category of ‘Berozgaar’ or ‘unemployed youth

To know more about our training program read here (https://www.etashasociety.org/vocational.html)

ETASHA - A Society for Enabling and Training Adolescents for Successful & Healthy Adulthood
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02-Oct-2021 to 31-Aug-2022