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Support Underprivileged Folk Artists

Registered as a Section 8 'Not for Profit' organisation in 2013, Anahad Foundation works towards preserving and empowering folk music and musicians across India through the use of production, technology, copyrights and songwriting skills.

You can support under following categories - 

1. Support an Artist (Rs1000): Under our 'Chukhat Ki Goonj' initiative, every artist is given an opportunity to ear Rs1000 for a 30 min live performance. All the performances are streamed live at 8pm on our Youtube/ Facebook channels everyday.

2. Sponsor a Live Act (Rs3000): One performance of 'Chaukhat ki Goonj' typically features 3 artist and thus project cost of one live show turns out to be Rs3000.

3. Support an Artist's Family (Rs5000): A family of 5 people can be supported for 15 days in just under Rs5000. Basic food grains and vegetables are provided with the help of local support partners.

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