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Will her father accept her?

Nitin (name changed) was in a children's home since he is parentless. He is adopted by Uma and Ram (names changed) when he was one and a half years old. They do not have a child of their own. Ram his adopted father drinks, roams, flirts, fights with his wife, etc. Uma was peaceless and in her search for happiness, Nitin was adopted. Nitin is 3 years old now.

He was admitted to the early learning centre before a year. He is a slow learner and could speak only a few words. Hence he is being given special care to speak. The teacher spends additional time to make him speak like other children of his age. This is possible as New Life assess the skills of the children in various aspects at the time of admitting them and after that in quarterly intervals. Based on the assessment, parents are also taught simple techniques to improve their skill.

Nitin is given a meal a day by New Life. During this Lockdown period, his family is provided with the relief kit. From June 2020 food is being given to our early learning centre though the centre is not functioning due to Government restrictions. Thank you donors, for supporting these poor kids have a nutritious meal besides basic education.

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